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With THE MARTEL BEAUTY SYSTEM, you can now grow YOUNGER looking in less than 10 weeks!

Starts to FIRM & LIFT right before your eyes! ORDER ONLINE or call toll free to order at 1.866.411.0033

How does the SkinLift Light work? The Light uses specific frequencies to create a natural photo-biochemical reaction, stimulating cell proteins to produce more collagen and elastin, smoothing away fine lines and filling in deep wrinkles. The overall effect is healthy and more toned skin.

How long will the effects of the Skinlift Light last? With most people results last from two to six months, gradually fading as time passes. But the good news is that you can continue using your home light device as long as needed to maintain your improved results.

Wrinkles and age spots show that our skin's cells need more energy. Our body contains billions and billions of individual cells, and each must produce its own energy. That's where SkinLift Light becomes a trusted secret weapon in the fight against aging. The SkinLift Light is totally safe and non-invasive. Tests demonstrate that the skin absorbs only the amount of light it needs in any one session.

Beauty throughout the ages...   Color light therapy is almost as old as civilization itself — with references dating back to ancient Egypt. In 1903, Dr. Niels Finsen, a Danish physician, was awarded the Nobel Prize for his use of red light to successfully treat skin disease. Albert Einstein's scientific theory on light energy paved the way for even greater technological advances in this field. 40 years of NASA-sponsored research found that certain frequencies of light accelerated wound healing in astronauts and submariners. The SkinLift Light uses the same frequencies and enhances the skin's appearance.

SkinLift Light can help you change the texture of your skin, because it refines the pore size and smooths the surface. It also helps to regenerate depleted collagen and give you a lift without an invasive procedure. The innovative SkinLift Light is one of the tools in the MARTEL BEAUTY SYSTEM.

With the SkinLift Light you will see the results. By using the SkinLift Light for 15 minutes, 5 days a week, youíll notice improved skin texture and elasticity, while wrinkles plump up and dark spots fade.

SkinLift Light is affordable and easy to use. The cost is $250 and will save you thousands of dollars in cosmetic surgeries and injections. Easy to understand instructions are included.

Rejuvenate your skin without toxic injections or painful surgical procedures by saturating your skin with light. Position 1 selects all three colors for all skin conditions. Position 2 selects yellow and green lights to reduce puffy eyes, calm inflammation, and reduce acne.

The age-defying Light Technology era is here! Use the SkinLift Light frequencies to speed up the recovery of acne, dry, chapped lips, and even bruises. (Hint: Using this light on your hands is better than hand cream but donít throw your cream away.)

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The Martel Beauty System... just say NO to aging!

Now you can put your best face forward at a fraction of the price of cosmetic procedures
with the new Light Technology

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About Gloria   Martel System   SkinLift Light   Before & After   Acne Control
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