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Donna began using the SkinLift Light 40 minutes, 6 days a week, for over a month. She was delighted with how easy it was to get her youthful look back.


Amazing results for once a week treatment. I sent June to the plastic surgeon I did trades with. After they saw the results on June they never referred another patient to me. 

Martel Wellness

Joyce (age 58) was one of the first to use the Light during the testing period.

"When I first got my SkinLift Light I was expecting a miracle for my face, as I am in continual stress and pain. My progress was slow, due to my lack of consistent use, but little by little my skin is lifting and filling in."

 ~ Joyce

"It is so easy to use. Gloria, you have brought light into my life! I am now working on my chest area. I have several brown spots caused by age and sun I am letting the Light shine upon them!"
~ Sherry

Martel Wellness

Takes the redness out quickly and safe, without side effects.

"The SkinLift Light works! I have found when I didn't use the light, my acne flares. Now I just use the light after I wash my face... every time. Friends know I have used everything on the market and they are asking what I’m using now... I say: SkinLift Light!"
~ Jorge

Changes the texture of your skin and reduces discoloration.

Reduces acne scars over time and stops pimples from resurfacing.
About 85 % of teenagers, from about 12 years and upwards, develop acne. Elizabeth, age 16, has severe acne. She uses the light 30 minutes a day twice a day. Her acne redness has diminished.

"I feel better since I began using SkinLift Light. My friends call me 'Light Girl.' It really works. I carry my light with me everywhere."
~ Elizabeth

At first I was a little leery of the light treatment system having had basal cell skin cancer. Once I did research on Gloria's very informative site and once she answered other questions I had, I was convinced that the LED light treatment sounded like a wonderful way to take years off of your face, when used on a continual basis.

I was selected to do a test for Gloria with Daniel Sternklar, who has a wonderful video system and camera set up in his studio. On June 7th for thirty minutes I used the light on the right side of my face, making sure that I took special notice to my smile lines, forehead lines and my under eye area, which has had sun damage and basal cancerous cells.

After the half hour treatment, I applied a light moisturizer on my face and then every ½ hour Daniel shot a video of my face from several different angles and also took still images. We did this for an hour. We were both amazed at the change in the right side of my face in that hour and a half. By the time it was over, my smile lines were noticeably softened as were the lines on my forehead. My face had a slightly lifted look to it and the actual tone and color looked fresher, newer, and younger.

I then repeated the same treatment on the left side of my face. The next morning as I looked into the mirror I was amazed. I have some small bumps under my eyes from sun damage. In fact the dermatologist had to freeze some of them last year as he believed they were either basal cell or would turn into basal cell cancer. When I looked into the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the bumps had actually shrunk and the area under my eyes was smoother, younger. In fact my entire face had a younger, more lifted look about it. I was very pleased with Gloria Martel's light treatment and that was only with one session!

I found the light treatment to be non-invasive and there was no down time. The next morning I had a very edgy high glamour photo shoot in New York. With many other facial treatments, your face may be red, irritated, or puffy for a few days. After using the light treatment the day before, my face was camera ready. It was beautiful and glowing. In fact, the other models were surprised when I told them my age (which is 47 by the way). They all thought I was between 33 and 35! Like I said, there was no down time and my face was camera ready the next day for an edgy New York fashion shoot for an up and coming designer and for an agent who had chosen me as his token 'older, sophisticated' model to grace the front of his website. I was so pleased that my eyes looked so much better after the treatment.

I would recommend Gloria's light treatment to any of my friends or family. There is definitely no need for Botox, laser, and other evasive treatments when there is a product out in the market that can accomplish the same results, non-evasively and also cheaper. Compared to the price of other cosmetic treatments, this light treatment is a steal. And it can be used over and over again to maintain your youthful appearance.

I am a firm believer of everything natural and holistic. No Botox, plastic surgery, or even laser for me. This light treatment proved to me that there are other alternatives that can be used to help keep a youthful and healthy face appearance.

Kathy Jacob